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 Reimagine Earth

Laying the Path to Our Future

Who are we? Where are we going? What is next for the planet?

The Reimagine Earth platform is designed to bring you interpretations,

ideas, suggestions and expressions to answer these questions.

Times are changing quickly and we need to be open to new ways of

living with each other and the planet so we can reach our

true potential as we create the Earth of the future.

 Who I am…

My name is Eric Schloss, a born and raised Londoner. As an Engineer I am interested

in how things work. Over the years I have come to notice that the world, and it’s

inhabitants, are not functioning to full potential. I have worked across sectors

internationally including charity, renewable energy and youth education.

I am driven to share my research and findings with the world, in the hope

that it will be part of the transition to a more conscious paradigm.


The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces,

or at least not try to defy them.

Reimagine Earth intends to provide people with a variety of content, ideas and inspiration which:


– Educate & encourage people  inhow they can lead more sustainable and ecologically conscious lives


– Empower humanity with an understanding of who we are as humans and our role on the planet


– Inspire others to live their highest truth; one of unity, integration and cooperation; through my

creative expression.


Content is uploaded to bring you ideas on issues such as renewable energy,

ecological products, permaculture, ecology and technology trends.

The idea is to draw attention to solutions, products and ideas which

can challenge negative aspects of our society and also to encourage

positive habit forming.

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Mother Earth is a truly remarkable planet serving so many functions for life to exist.

From the layers of the atmosphere to the natural cycles; the balance which gives

us a habitat to explore all it’s beauty and benefit from all the wonderful resources

and foods. It is important for us to understand the way the planet functions and

it’s role so we can protect her and all life and progress into the future. 

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The nature of the human body is quite profound. Throughout the history of mankind the body’s true

has been somewhat of mystery. Ancient practices such as acupuncture and reflexology have shown

us that there is more to our bodies than meets the eye.

Modern science is opening our understanding of the human form and it’s potential

through expanded knowledge of the human energy field, bio-photons and quantum

consciousness. Fields such as epigenetics are blowing old ideas about DNA out of the water.

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Ezra Solar

Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.

The human being is inherently creative. Our existence depends on it.

We each have something truly unique and valuable to bring to the world.

We should embrace a world of open expression and acceptance.

Over the years I have been finding my voice and have now chosen to put it into 

different artistic forms including music, photography, painting and poetry.

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