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Beyond Form: A Celebration

Beyond Form: A Celebration

What is physical existence? The combination of molecules, atoms and their subatomic counterparts combining to articulate separate entities: objects and creatures.


In it’s essence the atom is 99.9 % empty space, and what we feel as crude matter is actually electro-static fields interacting, repelling, to give the illusion of solidity.


Our existence is defined by what we perceive to be set, separate bodies, but actually the same infinite quantum emptiness is making up  everything we see around us. This shouldn’t come to frighten us or be disconcerting, actually far the opposite. By seeing ourselves, our world and cosmos as inextricably interwoven and connected we can begin to form a new sense of what it means to be human, to be alive and sharing our experience with each other and the natural environment.


For millenia, humanity has found awe in what is beyond the physicality of the Earth and our natural senses. We have flirted with the cosmos in this age of astral-exploration and communication, we have gone beyond the veil through meditation, dreams and altered states as well as occasional glimpses of the indescribable within our individual and collective experience, from UFOs to spirits. All of these can be identified as beyond form.


In a celebration of parallel worlds, the universe and everything in between we held an exhibition over the weekend to showcase some examples of the creative power of humanity.


With 6 different artists work present and spoken word and live music we connected, shared ideas, food and energy in south London.


Beyond Form: A Celebration was a collaboration between the following artists: 

Throughout the day guests came and went, stepping into the ambience which was created through stunning colours, sound and light, bringing with them their own interpretations and flavor to the event.


All ages and backgrounds were represented and it was really such a pleasure to share the day with so many people; old friends and new. The next generation of dreamers and creators were set free with art equipment.


We were graced by representatives of the British Interplanetary Society (BIS) who have been pioneers of the search into space over the past century and who have their own Visions of Space art catalogue and hold events annually. I will also be looking to hold an event for Space Week in October, so keep posted for more on this.


The role of the artist, writer, designer is to play the magician; to manifest ideas and concepts into our world from beyond. To tap into different fields of consciousness; past and future and portray it for others to be inspired by. Persia Castellani, who I only met fairly recently displayed her portrayals of cosmic landscapes, some stunningly integrated into earth perspectives from the view of the stargazer.


My good friend Jana had her circular pieces on show, bringing to life her assortment of ethereal landscapes as well as collection of motifs and sacred geometry. This event was made all the more a celebration by the fact that she is moving to France this week, where she will continue to ply her trade in tattoo body art.


We were treated to spoken word from LU MA OI, who took us on a journey through her connection with the divine and performed an array of poems written around the globe. Yassin Ben Dioub brought the magic of Moroccan Gnawa music to us with his gumbri performance and the evening was rounded off with a DJ set by Sami Khanage.



You can find more of the photos from the event here.











Eric Schloss
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