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Empowering Women through Art

Empowering Women through Art

Art is a form of self-expression which has the capacity to give a voice to the voiceless, faces to the downtrodden; an outlet to those who have suffered and want to open themselves to the world.


Equally, happiness for life, connection and dreams can be portrayed and conveyed to observers with the use of colour and shape.

Through painting, music, dance, sculpture or any form of creativity the deepest emotions of the human experience; both our shadows and our light, can be made tangible for others to connect to and become aware of other people’s experiences or be reminded of their own and feel less alone.


A person’s joyful vibrancy and essence can be captured in any moment of expression. For these reason’s I think to share, from the heart, our lives in the form of artistic creativity can help others to grow in so many ways.


When my friend Frehiwot Healer made the proposal of using our community space for an exhibition focussed around empowering women I knew this had the potential to be something special and memorable. Having attended previous expos where her work was on show, I knew the diverse range of her gifts and enthusiasm to share her energy.


So on Thursday the 11th of January my dear friend Frehiwot Healer and I orchestrated an event to showcase female artists and their endeavors. With her amazing story of love, separation and battling with mental health issues to triumph; her story is one which is extremely relatable. Her work with the Arlington Space in Camden has allowed her to use art to help other women to work through their particular life circumstances using art as a tool for healing.


The event on the night included artwork from Frehiwot herself, Meyada Almahdi, Farahnaz Gholamhosseini and Agat Fic being displayed across 2 floors, with the different sized pieces integrating into the shape and decor of the building features. People mingled amidst the scent of home-cooked Persian food and the main space was laden with small touches of the artists including pages of an old book scribed with life affirming mantras pegged to a line overhead.


The larger pieces of work were lined along the walls and provoked discussion across the diverse audience. The artists were on hand to give their background stories to the crowd and explain some elements of their journeys and inspiration. For some it was the first experience of expressing in words these stories and so it was an emotive experience for all.


Soon after, the music began with cajon, djembes and flutes providing the tempo for dancing and improvised singing. The soulfulness of the event was rousing and people were moved from their seats to get involved. A melting pot of musical styles were felt through the song and dance led by the charismatic artists.


The party atmosphere continued with the celebration focussed around the achievement that these strong women had made to even be able to present their art on this evening.

For me, it was an honor and a blessing to share our space with so many wonderful, gifted and inspirational women, and men!


We are truly living in a reformist age, for so long our patriarchal society’s have suppressed women, prevented them from contributing to society and culture and this has handicapped us in many ways. We are witnessing a rebalancing of the feminine energy across the planet, and will continue to see the resurgence of the female in key roles to lead humanity from of a masculine dominated paradigm.


I for one welcome this change and look to our sisters for the direction and courage to be our compassionate selves so we can heal and be open in a way which is conducive to a brighter future.


To see more pictures from the event follow the link.


Eric Schloss
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