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Mother Earth

Laying the Path to Our Future

The Earth is about 4.5 billion years old; the third planet from the sun in our Solar System and the only one currently supporting life as far as we know. Throughout the ages the planet has offered habitat to species of plants, animals and of course, humans.

Human history shows us how all cultures have developed a relationship to the Earth and it’s regenerative nature, with many festivals and celebrations orientated around the seasons and the lunar and sun cycles. Many names such as Pacha Mama, Gaia, Mother Earth have been used to personify the planet as the great provider. Indeed where would we be without the certainty of the natural world around us providing us with resources and means to develop our societies to our current state.

In light of this revelation, it would seem ungrateful should humanity forget all that the Earth has given us. The past few centuries have seen environmental holocaust and phenomena like deforestation and fracking in the name of progress. A precipice has been reached, I feel, and sustainability will have to provide the future pathway if we are to hear the calls of the planet to us crying out for more considerate ways to conduct our lives.

 Who I am…

The Earth is Alive…and communicating with us!

The planet does communicate with us, though obviously not in the same ways we do with each other.


Although the Gaia theory has been much contested we can clearly see that the Earth is a collection of ecosystems and natural cycles which are connected and communicating. Mutual biological interaction in the way different lifeforms allow others to flourish as well as remain in check; pollination with the help of bees allowing plant species to propagate, mycorrhizal relationships where fungi make nitrogren available for land plants to grow, exhibit the intricate balance which is upheld by the members of the ecosystem.


Examples such as bird migrations based on variations in the Earth’s electromagnetic field, or whales using the metal compounds in their brains to use the same magnetic field for navigation demonstrate that the earth is a pulsating living being sending signals to all life forms present within the atmosphere.



The atmospheric layers provide a bubble for life to thrive under protection from the greater cosmos outside. The planet is receiving energies continuously from external sources, for example the solar flares are propelled from the sun and interact with the Earth’s electromagnetic field producing the stunning phenomena of the Northern Lights.


Like humans, and all life, the Earth has a measurable pulse; named the Schuman Resonance after the man who correctly predicted it. In essence there is dynamic layer of charged atoms pulses between the ionosphere and the Earth’s surface, which can manifest as lightning. The frequencies of these pulses are tuning all living magnetic fields found under the ionosphere.


Evidently, electromagnetic fields are an essential part of communication amongst life on the planet. As humans, we have our own magnetic fields relating to our brain waves and our heartbeats among other things and therefore a sensible conclusion would be that we are also communicating with the Earth through these unspoken bonds.



It is no coincidence that as we see more rapid growth in terms of ideas and science, as well as more chaos on the planet, there have been recordings of this Schuman resonance reaching peaks never seen before. The planet is literally tuning us to higher frequencies.


Fine tuning?

The conditions which have prevailed in order for the Earth to be habitable at all are so delicate and finely tuned that to call them miraculous would not be far-fetched.


These laws of nature which manifest as mathematical and physical constants govern our reality not only on the planet but throughout the universe.


Without them the elements which make up matter would not bind and interact in a way which would give rise to the Earth.


Beyond that, for our planet to be such a lush environment teeming with life in all its forms is a fantastic experience to be a part of. When we consider that all physical matter originated from the same source, we can see connection between everything.


The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces,

or at least not try to defy them.

Reimagine Earth intends to provide people with a variety of content, ideas and inspiration which:


– Educate & encourage people  inhow they can lead more sustainable and ecologically conscious lives


– Empower humanity with an understanding of who we are as humans and our role on the planet


– Inspire others to live their highest truth; one of unity, integration and cooperation; through my

creative expression.


Content is uploaded to bring you ideas on issues such as renewable energy,

ecological products, permaculture, ecology and technology trends.

The idea is to draw attention to solutions, products and ideas which

can challenge negative aspects of our society and also to encourage

positive habit forming.

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Mother Earth is a truly remarkable planet serving so many functions for life to exist.

From the layers of the atmosphere to the natural cycles; the balance which gives

us a habitat to explore all it’s beauty and benefit from all the wonderful resources

and foods. It is important for us to understand the way the planet functions and

it’s role so we can protect her and all life and progress into the future. 

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The nature of the human body is quite profound. Throughout the history of mankind the body’s true

has been somewhat of mystery. Ancient practices such as acupuncture and reflexology have shown

us that there is more to our bodies than meets the eye.

Modern science is opening our understanding of the human form and it’s potential

through expanded knowledge of the human energy field, bio-photons and quantum

consciousness. Fields such as epigenetics are blowing old ideas about DNA out of the water.

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Ezra Solar

Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.

The human being is inherently creative. Our existence depends on it.

We each have something truly unique and valuable to bring to the world.

We should embrace a world of open expression and acceptance.

Over the years I have been finding my voice and choosing to put it into 

different artistic forms including music, photography, painting and poetry.

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