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Renewable Energy

Energy exists all around us. Actually, everything is energy. Energy is the primary catalyst for all progress and change that we can possibly experience.


Through the development of modern society as we know it, we have used different fuels or resources to power our imaginations and reach new levels of technology and capability. These have included inventions like the steam engine; powered by coal, the use of oil and even radioactive uranium for generating electricity. In the information age where digital data and computer systems are the basis of all our systems, the flows of electric charge is a completely indispensable form of energy.


The discovery of electricity is sometimes credited to the Ancient Greeks or even Benjamin Franklin with his infamous kite experiment, though it is much more likely that highly intelligent societies in Egypt and the Vedas of what is now India, or even before, were using battery technology and filaments to manipulate the flow of electric charge for power and lighting.


Electricity is a human right, an inherent property of our natural elements and constituents which can be harnessed for the progress of humanity. As discussed on The Planet page, the earth’s atmosphere is made up of different layers of plasma and electron containing gases.



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Renewable Energy


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We have been using fossil fuels for the last few centuries and we have now began to understand that the drilling and piping cannot continue forever.


The transition has begun but we need to keep what momentum we have created and continue to take our power generation into our own hands.


The intention at Reimagine Earth is to empower people with information, skills and resources to make informed decisions about how they can incoporate renewable energy forms into their everyday lifestyles.

The controversial filament like serpent depicted at Dendera in Egypt could represent an early light bulb. There are many depictions and notations of potential use of electricity in cultures thousands of years ago.




All physical matter has formulations of electrons within it’s structure. When the structure of these electrons are manipulated through different processes we can control the flow of these electrons. Different materials have different properties which will reaction in different ways to certain conditions. For example, semi-conductors such as silicon, have revolutionised computing through the creation of micro-chips.


Silicon has also formed the foundation of the modern solar panel which uses photons from the sun to harness a flow of electrons, forming electricity.


We are beginning to see that we can use energy from sources with an infinite nature as opposed to those dug out of the ground at the expense of the environment.


We are literally surrounded by an unbounded ocean of energy which are beginning to understand we can tap into. Technology is pushing boundaries and what was previously considered impossible, are now tomorrow’s discoveries.

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