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Solar Power Installation: Home Improvements

The decision to install solar panels on your home is one which symbolises a dedication to leading a more sustainable lifestyle and helping the planet. It can also be very lucrative for homes and businesses to save on their energy bills.


By it’s very essence generating electricity from the sun means adapting new attitudes towards energy and where it comes from. To understand what a solar panel home installation could do for you it’s recommended to get a quotes from solar panel installers.


Our lifestyles to date have taken shape around having consistent mains power, which come from far-away nuclear, coal plants, and we have become disconnected from the impacts of our energy consumption. With solar, the fluctuations throughout the day means having to think again about how much power we are using and when would be the best time to carry out a particular activity, such as putting the washing machine on.


Whilst it is true, the energy generated on your roof can be sold back to the grid, it is more desirable to use the power onsite, there; at the location of the generator! This means less reliance on infrastructure and complex algorithms to push and pull the energy demand across the whole network.


It is for this reason that energy storage has become a focus with companies like Tesla spending so much time and energy developing technology that allows the average homeowner to use their generated power directly at home.

So if you have made it this far and are considering the initial investment which will give you greater control over your energy future and save money in the long term, then consider these points below.


  • Roof orientation
  • Yield
  • Battery Systems
  • Solar contractors


Looking into these key areas will put you in an informed place to know whether solar panels make sense for your home and how much the initial cost will be.

Roof Orientation:


The direction which your roof faces will be key. A flat roof allows solar panels to be orientated towards the sun’s path and is quite simple. A pitched roof, which is more common for houses rather than blocks of flats, is more complicated.


As I live in London I will present the case for an installation in the northern hemisphere, which means Europe, the US and Canada among other places. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west passing over the equator; which is due south. This means any south facing pitched roof is ideal.


Have a think about which parts of your roof are south facing, even at a slight south east or west angle. Taking some pictures at different times of the day during different seasons will give you a good idea of where the sun hotspots are on your home’s roof.




The yield of a solar system is the result of shading and indicates how much of the potential sunlight can be converted into power.


It is calculated by using meteorological data for the exact location and incline angle of the panels. There are online tools which allow you to work this out if you want to make an estimate but if you are serious about having solar installed on your roof it is best to have a trusted solar contractor take a look at your roof and figure out how much power you can expect.


Battery Systems:


You will also want to find out if battery storage will add to your proposed solar system. A battery will allow you to store energy until you need to use it, saving money over your traditional energy tariffs. Battery technology has much room to improve but install a battery now and you will savings and can always upgrade in the future.


Solar contractors:


If you want to get a quote for your roof contact a reliable solar installer with plenty of experience on buildings similar to your home. There are certain regulations and certifications that are required.


Any solar panel installed with connection to the grid will need to be registered so any good contractor will be able to tell you about their credentials.

For more details and inquiry about anything don’t hesitate to contact us